About Us


Negin Mashhad Taban Carpet Company started to work with experienced workforce and a nominal capacity of 30000 m2 in 1997.

Since its operation, using the knowledge of specialists, counselors, and experienced designers, this unit has made attempts to improve the quality of machine-knotted rugs while considering the originality of handmade rugs. In this line, by installing the most advanced and complete knitting machines of the world from VAN DE WIELE Co. (Belgium) which are capable of producing


1200 reeds with 4500 Picks 8 Color carpet

1200 reeds with 3600 Picks 8 Color carpet

1000 reeds with 3000 Picks 8 Color carpet

700 reeds with 2550 Picks 8 Color carpet

Negin Mashhad Taban Carpet has tried to both improve the quality of products and provide the greatest diversity to present to domestic and foreign markets, which results in the export of this company's carpets to several European and Asian countries.


This company is capable of fabricating carpet in different original designs and colors. Accordingly, the newest product of the country is 1500 reeds with embossed flowers carpet. Having 10 years of strong presence in the international exhibition of Tehran and visiting the best exhibitions of Europe and using the best designs and machines of the world with the aid of experts and experienced work force, Negin Mashhad Taban Carpet Company is honored to add another golden page to its honors by receiving five international certificates from Britain, Australia, Germany, and the Standard and Industrial Research of Iran Symbol.